About UKLO


University "St. Kliment Ohridski" - Bitola, /uklo.edu.mk/ exercised rich educational activity as a unique and important educational institution in the southwest part of the Republic of Macedonia for more than three decades. It is known by the acronym of UKLO, with its base in Bitola, and some of its units are widespread in the most important cities of the country: Ohrid, Prilep, Skopje, Veles , Kicevo, Struga.

The University keeps pace with the modern standards of higher education, ensures the implementation of the Bologna principles and creates favorable conditions for students. It also provides a common study programs with renowned universities from all over the world and courses held in English.

The European dimension of the study programs, outlined by ECTS, provides contemporary and applied dimension, mobility of the students and the academic staff. The openness of UKLO to the needs of the labor market is provided by connecting the university with external context: economy, local communities and civil society, with organizing international conferences and symposium, items that are in favor of permanent strengthening of culture quality.

Each new academic year UKLO open the doors for approximately 3000 new students, who choose the University for its specificity and recognition.

In the past, over 30000 students graduated from the University. Currently around 11 000 students are studying in all years of the 11 institutions of higher education.

University "St. Kliment Ohridski" - Bitola provides a rich and diverse offer of 54 undergraduate study programs in the first cycle, 67 graduate degree programs in the second cycle, and 17 doctoral degrees. 
(Within UKLO act: Scientific Tobacco Institute in Prilep and 4 associate members including: Hydrobiological Institute in Ohrid, The Old Slavic Cultural Institute in Prilep, University Library and The dorm for students in Bitola).

As a modern educational institution, UKLO pays special attention to the development of science and the promotion of research. Over the past years UKLO has promoted 168 PhDs.

UKLO is a member of the European University Association - EUA, and it is also a member in BUN and CEEPUS. Over the past three decades the University has signed a number of international agreements on bilateral cooperation. Today the University "St. Kliment Ohridski" - Bitola actively participates in international programs and projects: Phare, Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, FP7, SimLab, DAAD, Fulbright ATA, Sigma and others.

Units of the university

Faculty of Technical Sciences - Bitola with dispersed studies in Veles and Prilep/www.tfb.edu.mk

Faculty of Economics - Prilep /www.eccfp.uklo.edu.mk

Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality – Ohrid with dispersed studies in Veles and Bitola/www.ftu.uklo.edu.mk

Faculty of Education – Bitola /www.pfbt.uklo.edu.mk

Faculty of administration and management of information systems – Bitola/www.famis.edu.mk

Faculty of Biotechnical Sciences - Bitola /www.fbn.uklo.edu.mk

Higher Medical School - Bitola /www.vmsb.uklo.edu.mk

Faculty of Security - Skopje /www.fb.uklo.edu.mk

Faculty of law – Kicevo with dispersed studies in Bitola and Struga

Faculty of technology and technical  - Veles with dispersed studies in Bitola and Kicevo/www.ttfv.uklo.edu.mk

Veterinary Faculty - Bitola /vfb.uklo.edu.mk

Scientific Tobacco Institute-Prilep /www.tip.edu.mk

Associate members

PSI Hydrobiological Institute - Ohrid /www.hio.edu.mk

PSI Institute of Old Slavic Culture, Prilep /www.isk.edu.mk

University Library "St. Kliment Ohridski" Bitola www.nuub.mk
Dorm "Koco Racin" - Bitola www.kocoracinbitola.org.mk