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Situated in the western part of Pelagonia Valley at an altitude of 600 m at the foot of the imposing peak Pelister (2601m), which is a national park. Its rich cultural and educational history give Bitola a special place among the cities in the country.


The epithet city with tradition applied to Bitola, comes as a result of its cultural and historical monuments and institutions, which in contemporary circumstances provide the educational and cultural activity in the city. Among the numerous cultural and historical monuments in Bitola we should mention: the archaeological site of Heraclea and the ancient theater, the Old Bazaar, the Orthodox church of "St. Demetrius, mosques "Isaac” and “Yeni” and especially, the Main Street, a rare ambient whole influenced by the European architecture from the 19th century.


Musical tradition and stagecraft are nurtured for a long period of time in the city. The quality of the artistic works of the National Theatre in Bitola, are among the ranks of leading theaters not only in Macedonia, but also in the Balkans and Europe.


Many cultural and artistic events of international importance are traditionally nurtured in Bitola, such as: the film festival "Manaki Brothers", folklore festival "Ilinden Days" , classical music festival "Interfest", modern Print Triennial, Children's Colony "Small Bitola Montmartre "Heraclea Evenings”, and many other artistic, dramatic and musical events as well.


Among the most important historical and cultural monuments in Bitola is the memorial room of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. The first presentation in the museum of the famous statesman and father of modern Turkey took place in 1978 when the first exhibition of photographs, documents and facsimile was opened. All these exhibits described the life and work of the great reformer of Turkey, as well as the city of his education.

In 1998, the governments of the Republic of Macedonia and Turkeyadaptedspace in the museum of about 120 m2, dedicated to Mustafa Kemal Ataturk’s life and work.